We understand that some concern may arise, regrading the so called “caravan” of Central American migrant that has received vast coverage by the media;

These are the facts:

Hondurans have steadily been migrating to the United Sates, legally or illegally for decades, those that choose to do so, have these real motivations: to enjoy a better life and to be able to provide for their families that they have left behind, plain and simple and regardless of what the situation in the country has been.

Most people usually take on this endeavor independently and making use of a “coyote” or smuggler in many cases, this “facilitation” costs around 10 thousand dollars per person and ensures that the subject will not be targeted by criminals along the way and that they will reach their destination. The human trafficking business is as profitable as drug trafficking and the two often times go together.

When travelling as part of a large group of people, the participants can count on the protection of the authorities and the good will of locals to provide them with food, clothing and medical services as they go along, not to mention the ability to skip on the expense mentioned above; hence, the incredible number of migrants that have joined; if they succeed or not is yet to be seen.

It is clear that this movement was originally organized by those that would get political gain out of it, they just did not realize it could swell in the proportions that it has; there is no war going on in the country and the crime rates have demisted greatly over the last few years, yet, life remains difficult for the less fortunate, due to the lack of opportunities, jobs, education and health services.

It is estimated that over one million Hondurans live in the United States today, that accounts for roughly 15% of the entire population, they sent over 3 billion Dollars back to their families in 2017 along, this is by far the most significant source of income for the Honduran economy, much more than the apparel industry, coffee exports and tourism combined…So, why is this group of 5,000 people getting so much attention?

In view of the anti-migrant rhetoric and tighten of the U.S. border, many people are migrating to Spain instead, there are 350,000 Hondurans living there already, a surprising number when one thinks this country is located literally, an ocean apart.

For the majority of us not going anywhere, it is business as usual, we just have to work harder and endure the corrupt governments that come and go, which by the way, are the real reason for these countries to be poor and underdeveloped.

With that being said, you will be touring Central America in an organized escorted tour, the safety conditions are normal in all countries, although it does not currently represent any threat to visitors, we are sure that the “caravan” trend will be over after the mid-term U.S. election and long gone by the time you come…you have nothing to worry about.