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El Salvador is perhaps the best place to surf in the Americas, and has some of the most consistent waves in the world. Strato-, lava-domed, shield or conical, dormant or active or just a casual smoker, there’s a volcano type for every budding geologist in El Salvador, often within easy reach.
The Flowers Route

The Flower Route is a pleasant corridor wich goes through one of the most flourishing areas of El Salvador, crossing between coffee-forests and interact with places of interesting culture, history, unique cousine and direct contact with our natural resources

Colonial Towns

Let yourself be carried away by the magic of our Pueblos Vivos, walk through cobblestone streets where the beauty of our crafts will capture you, visit colonial churches and live our legendary traditions while you enjoy our typical food.

Land of Volcanoes

El Salvador has exuberant natural beauty, imposing volcanoes and easily accessible mountains that will connect you with Mother Earth. Explore these great attractions of the world.


El Salvador Tours

21,041 km²
San Salvador
US Dollars (USD)
6,344,722 people
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