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Enjoy lovely tropical beaches, grand adventures, the wonders of nature, and scintillating culture; all the necessary components of an ideal vacation. No wonder, thousands have made Costa Rica their top travel choice!
Friendly Culture

Friendly, multicultural and multilingual people descended from the cultural fusion of immigrants, including Africans, Chinese, Jews, Lebanese and Italians, and the indigenous peoples of the Bribrí, Cabécar, Maleku, Teribe, Boruca, Ngäbe, Huetar and Chorotega groups.

Adventure Everywhere

Costa Rica is a land of volcanoes, rain forests, waterfalls, and rivers. Adventure travelers choose from a wide variety of activities such as rafting, snorkeling, kayaking, sport fishing, surfing, and much more. For some, the biggest challenge is choosing what to do first.

Wildlife Spectacles

There are few natural spectacles more impressive than the massive arrival of sea turtles. At night, turtles will gather near the coast in preparation for their departure from the water to come ashore in an extraordinary effort to lay their eggs and thus ensure the next generation. They return to the same beach where they nested before, guided through the vast ocean by instincts and skills difficult to understand.


Costa Rica Tours

51,100 km²
San Jose
Colon (CRC)
4,857,274 people
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